Special diploma regulation

Special diploma regulation 
Special Diploma in Education
* Article 52: First: This diploma aims to provide more advanced and in-depth studies in education and psychology and qualify the student to register for master's degree in education. In this diploma the student begins to specialize in one of the educational disciplines: Pedagogy, Comparative Education and  Educational Management, Curriculum and Methodology, Educational Psychology and Mental Health
Conditions of enrollment in special diploma in education
1- He must have a general diploma in education or a vocational diploma in education from one of the Egyptian universities or an equivalent degree from another scientific institute recognized by the university. In all cases, his general assessment should not be less than good in the first universits grade and in the general diploma or vocational one.
2 - To  apply for registration to the College during the month of August of each year and may not be registered then without a license from the College Council within the determined limits by the Council of the University