Important guidelines for students

Important guidelines
(1) Instructions for students according to the regulations and laws of the university:
A) For tuition fees:
1- The university fees must be paid according to the decision of the university council.
2. The university fees paid by the students contribute to the provision of student services and to provide the library with books, social solidarity, medical care and book support.
B) University discipline:
1- The university is the home of science, study and practicing legitimate university activities. It is not a place to disseminate certain ideas in favor of political parties.
2. Students who wear uncommon for uniforms are prohibited from entering, and the identity of the student or student is checked at the outer doors of the campus.
3. If the student violates the rules and traditions of the university, the student shall be notified of his behavior and his departure on the rules, and shall be referred to the legal affairs for investigation.
4 - License in principle for students of faculties of Cairo University from outside the campus to enter the faculties of the campus to take advantage of the frequency of university libraries.
1- It is prohibited to enter cars at the campus, unlike the cars of faculty members and university employees, with guidance to prepare parking spaces to prevent crowding. 
2- It is prohibited to use the university halls and classrooms in other than educational purposes such as giving lectures or speeches without a license from the college administration.
3. It is prohibited to place wall magazines in places other than those prepared for this purpose.
4. It is not permissible to hold exhibitions at the faculty without the permission of Prof. Dr. Dean of the faculty and after verifying that they do not contain anything that violates the public order or public morals. 
5- No donations or any money may be collected for any purpose except after the approval of Prof. Dr. faculty Dean and Prof. Dr. Vice-President for Education and Students Affairs and the approval of the University President.
C) Student Activity and Social Care:
1- Students are encouraged to participate seriously in the activities of the cultural, scientific and youth season of the university, and to allow the establishment of scientific societies to sponsor the scientific and cultural activities of the students to be centrally managed.