Services of student affairs and alumni affairs

Department of Student Affairs and Alumni Affairs 
Receiving and guiding new students and do the following:
1 - Preparation for personal tests.
2- Distributing students to the departments and divisions of the College in accordance with the rules and regulations approved by the College Council after the approval of the Dean of the College.
3. Providing the following services to students:
(A) Issuing the university card after paying the expenses.
(B) Completion of identity card procedures.
C - Completion of university city forms.
D- Completion of transportation subscriptions.
(E) Completion of registration certificates.
(F) Completion of military card and conscription procedures for males only.
4 - Acceptance students' excuses or suspension of doing exams or study after submission of necessary documents, no more than two opportunities and after the approval of the Dean of the College, and the third after the approval of University Council during the school year.
5 - Providing therapeutic services to students in the event of injury, disease or incident.
6- Extracting the provisional and approved certificates and the certificates of assessment over the four years after obtaining the qualification and complete all procedures of release and payment of the prescribed expenses.