Unit's Activities

Collecting and publishing college news, Updating the College's data on the portal, Training students on how to benefit from the portals, Training and providing technical support to activate the use of MIS, Training employees and faculty members on ICT in cooperation with the ICTP Training Center at the University, Managing the accounts of the beneficiaries on the digital library, Operation and maintenance of the information network, Following up the technical use of network and providing technical support to all users, Doing the required expansions of network of the college in line with the university network, Activating video conference devices, Supervision of the periodic maintenance of computers and accessories, Studying deficiencies and analyze faults and problems and develop appropriate solutions for computer systems, Preparing periodic reports on the state of devices at the faculties and laboratories, Downloading original software and copy anti-virus, Hardware software updating, Maintenance of computers and printers or supervision of maintenance contracts, Marketing of electronic courses and providing technical consultations and training, Training faculty members and their assistants to raise the learning resources and dealing with the electronic portal libraries.