Quality & Accretitation Unit

Unit of emphasis and quality

Unit's Administration
Prof. Dr. / Siham Hanafi Mohamed Hanafi, Dean of the College and Director of the Unit 
Dr. Eid Mohamed Abdulaziz, Executive Director of the Unit

About the Unit:
Work began on creating an internal quality system after signing the contract on 5/3/2008.
Unit's locating :
  A large room located on the ground floor was chosen to be near students.
Unit's Headquarters :
Work started to prepare the unit's headquarters by painting walls, installing electrical connections, telephone and internet connections. The room was also equipped with the necessary electric lamps, curtains, mattresses, etc.
Providing the necessary furniture to Headquarters

The headquarters of the Unit has been equipped with the necessary technological devices to facilitate the work, including:
Laptop .
Camera and printer.
Data Show .
In addition, a number of stationeries have been purchased to be used to carry out the work tasks at the unit such as:
Paper for printing and writing.
Staplers of different sizes (large and small).
Pens .
  A number of files for keeping papers and documents.
Activities of the unit:
A meeting will be held regularly with the members of the administrative and executive teams of the unit as well as the team of strategic plan to follow up work progress and the continuous renewal of the tasks carried out in the light of the latest developments.