International Computer Center

International Computer Center
Origination of the Center:
The International Computer Center was established as a special unit at the Faculty of Education, Beni Suef University, in August 2007. The Center is independent in the management of its scientific, administrative, financial and technical affairs. The Center provides its services in all disciplines and fields related to community service and the development of local environment in Beni Suef Governorate and other governorates
Mission and Objectives of the Center:
   Based on the objectives of the university and the mission of the Faculty of Education in Beni Suef, the Center aims to:
1. Provide technical and scientific advice in various fields of different educational disciplines at the college and beyond.
2. Contributing to the development of educational thought and the dissemination of modern trends and their application in solving the problems of the environment and community development.
3. Care of university students and provide all services that enable them to deal with computer skills.
4. Raise the level of university students in the field of computer use in education.
5. Consolidate the links between university and society.
6. Conducting development studies for those who wish to implement similar training courses at the Center.
7. Provide counseling, guidance for individuals and institutions working in this field.
8. Organizing training courses for any person in the community to obtain the International Computer Driving License (ICDL). These certificates are accredited by UNESCO.
Services of the Center:
The Center provides programs and training courses in:
Information and Communication Technology.
Secretarial work and libraries.
Courses in computer maintenance .
Diploma in Computer.
Writing scientific theses.
Courses in the computer.
Strategic Plan:
The Center will expand its cooperation with UNESCO by awarding the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) certificate, as well as providing maintenance courses in cooperation with Cisco.