Faculty Origination

The emergence of the college:

         College of Education established within the Beni Suef Branch of the University of Cairo under resolution No. 239 of 1983, and began the study by the Division of basic education in 1989-1990, then study began in public Division related various aspects in 1992-1993, the Ministerial Decree No. 800 for 1997 was issued for establishing childhood Division.

        The university logo image pyramid MIDOM; one of the oldest Egyptian Antiquities in Beni Suef, a symbol of the Nile and have a great symbol of life to the Egyptians,  spiking wheat goodness and development code, and the sun disk sunrise and the beginning of a new era for our university's fledgling code.

        It consists of College of Education, including three main sections that are working to achieve the vision and mission of the college, also to meet the college faculty in all divisions and disciplines of study offered by the college that members need, and these sections are:
1) Department of Curriculum and Instruction. 
2) Department of Psychology and Mental Health. 
3) Department of Education and Department of Education and educational assets comparison.
First Degrees Awarded:
     The college offers the following degrees: 

1) Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Education in public education in one of the following fields: -
(Arabic - English - French - history - geography - philosophy and sociology), also gives people the same class of basic education in the following disciplines (Arabic - English - Social Studies) 

2) Bachelor's Degree in science and education in public education in one of the following disciplines: -
(Mathematics and computer - physics - chemistry - natural history) also gives the same degree to the people of basic education in the disciplines (math - science)
3) Bachelor's Degree in childhood education.

- The University of Beni Suef granted at the request of the College of Education, as following diplomas and degrees: 

A) General Diploma in Education (one year full-time system), and the system for two years, others.

B) Special Diploma in Education.

C) Professional Diploma (the development of curricula - special education - school management) 

D) Master's Degree in Education from one educational departments in the College.

 E) Doctorate Degree of Philosophy in Education from a Forums.